Version 2.1.1

8. December 2023

Hopefully you will never or only rarely need these new referee functions: You can now suspend or abandon matches completely. The suggestion came from Ole from Wiesbaden - many thanks for that!

Suspension of play

You can access this option via the action buttons. Scroll all the way down. It doesn't matter whether you select the home or away team.

If you suspend the game, the game timer is paused and a yellow timer on the main screen shows you how long the suspension has lasted. You can resume the game at any time.

If the match is resumed, you will find an entry in the match report about the duration of the suspension. You can add as many suspensions as you like and a separate report will be generated for each one. But hopefully this will never be the case.

Abandonment of the match

It's the horror of every soccer / football referee: the game or the conditions get so ugly that nothing works anymore. I hope this never happens to you. If it does, you can end the game immediately in the app. You will find the option below the game interruption. This intermediate step prevents you from accidentally triggering the function.

You can also end a game while a suspension is already in progress. In this case, only the abandonment of the game is recorded.

Soccer / football matches with penalty shoot-outs, but without extra time

It's time for indoor tournaments again! It is customary to play many matches in close succession. In the knockout round, extra time is therefore often dispensed with and a decision is made directly via a penalty shoot-out. This is now also possible in What's the Score, Bro?

Useful: At the end of a regular game, only the score and timer are reset, the remaining settings are retained. This is particularly useful in tournaments.

The reset function has also been adapted accordingly. You can now choose whether you only want to reset the score and timer or all settings.

New visualization of yellow-red cards

I have revised the display of the cards. This affects both the match notes and the match report. Previously, yellow-red cards were displayed as red, now they are clearly different.

I'm happy if you like What's the Score, Bro? Especially if you leave me a rating in the App Store. 🙏

Are you a soccer / football coach or referee with an Apple Watch and have further suggestions or requests for improvement? Then write me: