Thilo Specht (he/him)

I have been working as a marketing, digital and communications strategist in Frankfurt am Main for over 16 years. With evidence-based concepts, I support agencies, companies and NGOs in achieving goals that create added value for people.

My family and I are crazy about soccer. Both children play actively in Frankfurt clubs. I had the pleasure of coaching my son's team for six years. We are all members and ardent supporters of Eintracht Frankfurt. I am also a founding member of EFC Lotte Specht. So the weekends belong to soccer. The rest of the time I go running and do fitness training so that I can keep up with the kids snowboarding in winter. However, that works less and less often.

I tried programming back in the late 1980s on a Commodore C64 in the Basic programming language. However, with the device, my ambitions disappeared from the children's room after a few months. Professionally, I acquired a few HTML skills and realized both web and software projects in a leading position.

I first started programming properly at the beginning of 2023. As a dedicated Apple user, I wanted to learn Swift, Apple's own programming language. I was helped by ChatGPT, which does an excellent job as a source of cues and explanations. What’s the Score, Bro? was initially intended to be a simple app for counting goals. With the feedback from users, it quickly became something more. I looked at numerous referee apps for the Apple Watch and decided that I wanted to do better.

I developed What’s the Score, Bro? the way I approach all my projects: The most important criteria for me are usability and design. Intuitive navigation and functions that uncompromisingly meet the user's needs come together with a clear and aesthetic design that suits the Apple Watch. Technologically, the app utilizes everything that is possible on an Apple Watch thanks to Swift.