Version 2.4 – From now on, no entry takes longer than 3 seconds

29. January 2024

With this update, you're kicking it into high gear: Record goals, cautions, temporary dismissals, or substitutions in less than three seconds. Pen and paper can now stay permanently in your pocket, because the latest version of What's the Score, Bro? is based on the current IFAB Laws of the Game for the 2023/24 season and thinks along with you:

- Before kickoff, you can input the rosters of both teams in just a few seconds. Incorrect entries due to duplicates or invalid player numbers are automatically detected, not accepted, and you'll receive a prompt. Transferring rosters to the Apple Watch is done in seconds, faster than inputting them on an iPhone.

- Before the start of the game or at the beginning of extra time, tap twice on the score display of the respective team that has the kickoff. At halftime, the app now shows you who will be kicking off next.

- For each game event, you now simply select the corresponding team and then tap on the jersey of the relevant player or – in the case of a group substitution – several players. You can do this in under three seconds.

- Field players are displayed with a fully colored jersey, substitute players, and those with a time penalty are outlined in color.

- For the first time, you can now caution and send off the coach as well. They will be displayed with their own jersey and a "C" in the roster overview and automatically created for each team.

- The app follows the official IFAB LOTG for the 2023/24 season regarding cautions, sending-offs, and temporary dismissals. A second yellow card is automatically converted into a red card. Players who receive two temporary dismissals in the same game are excluded from the game after the second dismissal and can be replaced by a substitute player. A player who commits an offense warranting a caution or sending off during their temporary dismissal is permanently excluded from the game and cannot be replaced or substituted.

- The new "Notebook" section is now much clearer: disciplinary actions and substitutions are now displayed separately from each other. Players substituted multiple times are now only shown once. The first temporary dismissal is represented by the familiar white-red stopwatch symbol, while the second temporary dismissal is represented by a yellow-red version.

- In the settings, you can now specify whether return substitutions are allowed or not. With the latter option, once substituted players cannot be substituted again and are marked in the overview with a small padlock.

- The app's design has once again been revamped and now appears uniform and professional in user guidance. After a game event, the view now automatically returns to the main screen.

More than ever, What's the Score, Bro? supports you in avoiding errors, drastically reducing note-taking time, and allowing you to focus entirely on the game.

I'm happy if you like What's the Score, Bro? Especially if you leave me a rating in the App Store. 🙏

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