Version 2.1

30. November 2023

This is the first major leap in versioning since the two appeared before the dot. The new version not only brings cosmetic improvements, but also a completely new timer with flexible additional time. The impetus for this came directly from the German Football Association (DFB) and DFB Schiri GmbH - thank you very much for that! ❤️

New: The timer continues to run during breaks

As before, you can pause the timer during breaks. However, the timer now continues to run while the stoppage time is measured in the background.

This is in accordance with the official rules: Playing time is not stopped, but an additional time is added if there were longer interruptions during the game due to treatment or goal celebrations.

This flexible form of additional time is now also available with What's the Score, Bro?

When regular time comes to an end, a haptic alarm is triggered and the additional time starts with a timer that counts up. The color of the timer changes to red and a distinctive "+" symbol is added to the half-time indicator to prevent confusion.

As before, the indicator for the interruption time can be found as a red number below the timer. New: If the additional time reaches the exact - not rounded - level of the stoppage time, the indicator turns green and another haptic alarm is triggered.

Now you can blow the whistle.

New: Additional match minute also in the match report

Who doesn't remember the 1999 Champions League final between FC Bayern Munich and Manchester United? The game was decided by two goals in additional time. Since then, not only have many more goals been scored in additional time, but cautions have also been given and players have been sent off, not to mention tactical substitutions. What's more, it feels like additional time is getting longer and longer.

To do justice to this, the match report now also shows the additional minute for each event in additional time.

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